Friday, December 30, 2011

Miss Ellie

Meet Miss Elliot Paige Deweese!
Elliot Paige DeWeese was born on June 29th, 2011 at 9:46AM after a long thirty-one hours of labor! She weighed 8lbs 7oz and was 21 inches long. After four long days in the hospital we were finally able to come home and enjoy our new little one. She was healthy and happy and beautiful! The labor was long and there were a few hurdles we had to get through, but we both made it out ok... a few scary moments though.
I went into labor at about 3:00AM on June 28th and stayed around the house walking and waiting for contractions to get more consistent. We went to the hospital around noon, but I can't quite remember. When we got there I was dilated at a 2 and my contractions were about 5-7 minutes apart so they admitted me and got me ready. They popped my water I think around 4pm and then the real contractions (real pain!) started. I went as long as I thought I could but finally got the epidural I think about an hour later!! Thank God for modern medicine!! Anyway, after the epidural, things were looking great. Contractions were strong and constant and the nurses kept saying she would be there before midnight that night for sure, but that definitely was not the case... midnight came around and I was almost fully dilated, they could feel her head and everything, she was right there... we were just waiting for the time when I could start pushing. So I labored all night and wasn't really getting anywhere even though my contractions were really strong and constant. Early the next morning around 7:00 AM, I felt I was ready to push. I pushed for around 2 hours or so and she was not moving. Doctors decided it was time for them to intervene and decided on forceps. It was too late for a c-section unfortunately because she was too far down into the birth canal. So we decided on forceps and figured that was our best option. She didn't come out with the first pull, but I almost came off the table! The doctor was pulling so hard that they literally had to put me back on the bed. She was stuck!! It took the doctor 3 or 4 good pulls to get her out. It was so scary. At one point he looked at the nurse and said, "I can't get her out, she is stuck!" He tried one more time after that and thank goodness she came out! We were so happy to see our little girl finally! He put her on my belly for a second but the nurses quickly grabbed her to assess her and clean her up. Her first little cry was adorable and was such a relief to hear. She did have some damage from the forceps but thank God that it was nothing permanent. The whole left side of her face was drooping and she couldn't open her left eye, but, after a few minutes she was able to open her eye and the drooping of her lip went away! It was just a pinched nerve. She was pretty bruised up with a black and blue eye and ear but that was all thankfully! She is a healthy, happy, beautiful and amazing little girl! We are so blessed to have her in our lives and we love her so so much. She is our world and brings smiles to our faces and she warms our hearts every second of every day!

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